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Rana catesbeiana

Don't let the picture fool you. This guy is huge! The bullfrog is one of the largest species of frog in the world (up to 8 inches in length), and that causes some problems, as you'll see in a minute. They get their name from their deep, resonant croak, which is as powerful as a bull's bellow (hence the name) and can be heard for miles on a clear night.

The bullfrog lives primarily in the United States, with some territory extending into the temperate rainforest of British Columbia and down into the Baja. Its environment usually consists of a pond, lake, or a deep, slow-moving river, any place that has water deep enough to hide in and banks where it can sun itself.
Opportunistic predators, bullfrogs will eat just about anything they can fit in their mouth. Their diet consists mainly of insects, which it catches with its sticky, extensible tongue, but it will also snack on other frogs (including young bullfrogs!), small snakes, and works. Feasting so, a bullfrog can grow so big that they've been known to take down baby waterfowl, grabbing ducklings from below and holding them under until they drown. In places where they have no predators, bullfrogs can decimate whole ecosystems, chomping down everything around them until there's nothing left. When they reach this size, snakes can't handle them, and the only thing that can take them on is a large water bird or raptor, such as a hawk, eagle, crane, or heron. Even they can have a tough time of it!
Baby bullfrog

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