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The Gang

They're all here! All the wonderful people you've heard about but could only imagine.
Born November 1st, 1973, Ryan Boughter was destined for greatness. Unfortunately, he was also destined to fuck up badly, and thus died miserable and alone. That's his parents' dog, Mulder, the instrument of Ryan's destruction.

Ryan met Mike Stauffer in 1988. Great minds think alike, so the two immediately immersed themselves in an orgy of pizza, wings, and video games which continues to this very day!

Patricia Rideout ("Trish") encountered Mike Stauffer on an Internet message board in 1996. Little did she know that her life would be changed forever. Originally from Canada, land of moose, beer, and hockey, Trish now resides in Pennsylvania, home of sauerkraut, Oley, and the worst record by any professional football team ever. =P

In 1994, Mike and Ryan were exposed to a TV show which depicted men inventing "boxer shorts for your chin-ass." Since then, Ryan has been obsessed with his own cleft chin.