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Phylum Vertebrata

"Why, I do believe them bones is me!"

Homo sapiens with Canis familiaris
Actually, it's my only living hero, Steve Irwin, with his daughter Bindi and a couple new friends

Vertebrates are by far the most adaptable and successful of all the creatures on Earth. They have and do live in the most diverse climates, from the blistering heat of the parched desert to the frigid cold of the Arctic icepack, from the highest mountain peaks to the black, crushing depths of the ocean trenches.

This phylum is where most of my favorite animals are: the bottle-nose dolphin, the St. Bernard, the barn owl, the Western diamond-back rattlesnake, and the whale shark. I'm also kind of partial to the human animal, as well.

Classes found in this phylum: And yes, "fishes" is grammatically correct.
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