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The Snowy Owl

Big and aggressive

Nyctea scandiaca

The snowy owl lives above the Artic Circle, in a region where it's sunny for all six months of summer, and conversely dark all winter. Imagine being from an order of mainly nocturnal species and trying to hunt only at night! Not only is the light not your friend, but on top of the world, food is pretty scarce. Not knowing where its next meal is coming from, the snowy owl will attack just about anything that moves, including humans! They're very aggressive, and they have the bulk to back it up. They weigh upwards of five pounds and have a wingspan of over five feet.

Snowy owl chicks are hatched at intervals, owing to the extreme temperatures. Since it's so cold, eggs need to be incubated immediately after laying, so the female snowy owl will have to pause from her egg-laying to sit. Thus, the chicks tend to be at different stages of development throughout their nest-time. When food is short, the smallest chick may fall prey to the largest. Ugly truth, but such is nature.

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